نام محصول: سنسور بینایی جهت تشخیص دقیق خراب یا سالم بودن کالاهای تولید شده، Vision Sensor

مارک محصول: COGNEX

کد محصول: DVT515

کشور سازنده: آلمان

توضیحات بیشتر: این مدل سنسور   DVT515 قابلیت تشخیص کالای تولید شده معیوب در خط تولید و یا خواندن کد طیف رنگهای مختلف را با برنامه ریزی و تعریفی که کاربر انجام میدهد را دارا بوده،

Machine vision, in layman’s terms, is exactly that. It can be defined as machines with their own set of

eyes. Using their vision, machines inspect products for defects by detecting the presence or absence of

parts, taking measurements, reading codes, etc. How it works may seem rather complicated at first

glance. However, with a little help from basic optics, it is not. The machine’s eye mainly looks for

changes in contrast and uses a 2-dimensional plane to do so. Our Vision Tools tell the camera (the

machine’s eye) how to evaluate changes in contrast and in what direction to evaluate them. The camera

then collects this information from the image and evaluates it following the user-defined rules. Because

the camera’s actions are so dependent upon that change in contrast, it is imperative that you adjust your

lighting such that the camera (or machine) can get a consistent and close look at the factory product.

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